Yoga, beyond postures!

It’s very common to see yoga-related magazine covers showing postures that seem out of reach for most people. These pictures show acrobatic poses made by athletes with muscular and toned bodies, with breathtaking landscapes. Though, beyond all those postures, Yoga is a practice that interacts with an individual on many levels, mostly on physical, mental and emotional health. The word yoga means ‘’union’’ and in this sense, when added to your lifestyle, the benefits affect your health and well-being. This much less spectacular way of practicing yoga can be added to your routine and even in the workplace.

At ZEN&CIE, we like to divide yoga in the four parts detailed below with their benefits :

Favors the flow between systems;
Soothes the mind;
Raises energy levels.

Strengthen and stretches muscles;
Improves posture;
Makes you more limber.

Allows tension release;
Brings mental clarity;
Improves sleep quality.

Improves concentration capacity;
Encourages individuals to live in the moment;
Helps to take a step back more easily.

Yoga allows everybody to acknowledge their state of physical and mental health, in order to choose changes they see is needed in their lives. When practiced regularly, we can easily notice benefits that will be long-lasting and form a healthy lifestyle. 

In the workplace, yoga allows a simple, and equipment-free solution for employees in their stress managing path and global health. It allows to set in place a community with personal support. Annual plans integrated in the workplace allows to go beyond the postures of yoga and familiarize people with this practice sometimes seen as esoteric or for a specific group of people, which is not the case with our corporate approach accessible for everyone. Here is an example of a annual plan:
  • Workshop-conferences (1 per season) about a variety of subjects concerning health and well-being and establishing practical solutions (nutrition, stress management, etc.)
  • Group classes offered every week at your office (chair yoga, meditation, etc.)
  • Monthly tools (exercises in text, audio or video) offered to every employee linked to your communications system.
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