A Simple Gift : the Present Moment !

Every year at this time, excitement and agitation take place. In addition to the Christmas and Holiday preparation, a thousand things have to be done to close the year and to start the new one. The schedules are loaded, and this slightly euphoric state of mind is enough to make us miss the essential of this holiday season : the present moment.

Have you ever noticed that our thoughts are mostly related to events from our past or our possible future? We forget the most precious events of all : the events, big or small that happen right here, right now. Our minds wander relentlessly. But as any other muscles or parts of our body, it is possible to train our mind so it guides our thought towards what matters the most. 

Right Here, Right Now… at the Office

In order to end the year beautifully and on a ZEN note, make the gift of « human connexion ». Keep a high level of energy and motivation among your employees by offering activities and workshops so that everyone can reconnect with the present moment. 

Here’s a few ideas : Take time to take 3 deep breaths all together before starting a meeting, allow your staff to take short breaks throughout the day in a “quiet” office, organize team-building activities. Your employees, you and your company will all benefit from these initiatives.

And to help you during this busy time of the year, here is an easy tip that you can try right now to cultivate the mindfulness state :
Be aware of your thoughts, at any time. Each time that you find yourself wandering somewhere else, somewhere that isn’t right here and right now, take a minute to breathe. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Slowly, bring back your thoughts on what you are doing at the moment. Be aware of the details of the environment around you. Use your 5 senses: smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing.

The ZEN&CIE team wishes you a great Holiday season!




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